• Our rings & bracelets are made of hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, lead free stainless steel. Gold rings & bracelets are 18K gold dipped over stainless steel, so it will not fade.

      Nickel: There are NO nickel traces in our rings, so if you are allergic, don't worry!

      CARE: To clean, wipe with soft cloth. Avoid frequent contact with strong chemicals, such as detergent, bleach, perfume, etc. Store in a jewelry box or soft cloth. As the rings & bracelets are made from tarnish and corrosion resistant stainless steel they can be worn in the shower without any problems. 

    • We get a lot of questions about ring size here at Awareness-Alert. Because we sell a lot of our rings online, our customers don’t get a chance to try a ring on before they buy it. That’s why we offer a ring size guide that can help you get the right fit.

      Click here to see our sizing guide.