About Us

We are Awareness Alert, the best place for unique and good priced merchandise to raise awareness! It is our mission to help people raise awareness for causes or  diseases that surrounds them. By doing so we hope to contribute to the fight against incurable diseases, make people aware about certain causes but also improve the lives of everyone that suffers from a certain illness.

What do we offer?

Awareness Alert offers unique awareness and medical alert merchandise for more than 20 different causes and diseases such as Diabetes, Multiple Myeloma, Fibromyalgia Asthma and Breast Cancer. All our products are offered world wide and we mostly ship from the United States.

Our mission to help people raise awareness is achieved by selling different types and shapes of rings, bracelets, necklaces and T-shirts. The products we offer are custom designed created by our talented designers. You can be assured you will receive the best quality products with unique designs.

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